Logo Design

Project 2

Sarah's hair closet

Sarah’s Hair Closet is a logo design made for a company that sells hair accessories. The logo’s object has the shape of a scrunchie, and its form was captured by using the photo of a real scrunchie. The name of the company circulating the object makes the logo versatile and the company’s name readable even in small sizes.

Project 1

dolce cloud

The Dolce Cloud’s design is a project made for a fictional cupcake company. The design was created using pastel colors as a reminder of the sweet moments of our lives. The cupcake and the company’s name are inside a cloud to match it with its name. The cupcake adds the final touch as it makes clear what product the company is selling.

Project 3

Steak House

As a logo for a restaurant, the Steak House project has a clear message. The fire circulating the name refers to the hot temperatures of a functioning kitchen. The utensils at the bottom and top of the name are used for grilling a steak. The red color texture was given to give the impression of moving, as fire is never stable. The font can have different applications, and the name of the company is readable in different sizes.

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