Project 1

Product photography

With the right light and angle, a product can stand out! The two product photography projects below were made as an assignment for the college.

The first one has a fashion theme, where I put together and outfit and accessories. An important factor to make this photo work was the position of the elements to make them interesting.

In the second photo, I put together stationery items to create a “back to school” theme. Everything was laid out in the background with careful attention, so all the items would be aligned.  

Project 2

Food Photography

Even simple muffins and brownies can look delicious with the right combination of background color, lighting and angle. To create this dessert photography concept, I wanted to explore the simplicity of home made baked goods. I combined it with a yellow background to give the photo a vibrant color without distracting the viewer from the main elements. As a result, the photo looks simply delicious!

Project 3


Portrait photography can express different feelings and emotions. On the images below, I have some examples of my past work in various situations: casual, creative and corporate. The expression of the model, their hands and lighting completely change the feel of the photography.

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