Social Media Management

Project 1

Dolce Cloud

The Dolce Cloud’s design is a project made for a fictional cupcake company. The design was created using pastel colors as a reminder of the sweet moments of our lives. The cupcake and the company’s name are inside a cloud to match it with its name. The cupcake adds the final touch to make it clear the product that the company is selling.

Project 2

Reaching for the stars

Reaching for the Stars is a  multi-channel ad book campaign. It was made for the launch of a fictional book. To create the campaign, I had to develop the product and the book cover. Attention to detail was essential to get the project done. Everything was done on Illustrator. For copywriting, I choose to highlight the book’s story and get readers intrigued by its content. The cover design has the intention to make the name of the book stand out. The flying balloons in the sky are going up: reaching for the stars. 

Project 3

templates for Instagram stories

Sharable Instagram templates are a great option to interact with followers and promote your brand. It’s possible to give valuable information about what your brand promotes and stands for.

Project 4

Book launch campaign

The book launch is a multi-channel campaign designed for Instagram and Facebook. The background was made with the cover of one’s book cover to call attention to the ad. The two books were placed strategically to make the viewer understand that one book is a sequel. The editor’s logo is placed at the bottom with visible font color, but it doesn’t call attention. 

Project 5

Mental Health Campaign: Cellphone Addiction

The campaign was created for a college assignment. The main goal was to raise awareness of how addicted we are to our cellphones and how essential we believe they are for our lives.

Are you consuming it? Or is it consuming you?

Like everything else in our life, including food, exaggerating can lead to undesired effects.  For this project, the photography and the design were made by me. The lettering was strategically placed as it was a text message, and it’s content plays with the message that a cellphone is not a food, is not essential, and even if it was, you should consume it with caution.

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