Video Production and Editing

Project 1

Promotional Video

Who would think that a scrunchie company could be so empowering? The story of two brave young women who decided to open their own business.

To tell Amaya’s Hair Closet story, I focused on what the company meant to the founders and how it brought the family together. To create the video, I wrote fifteen questions to make sure all the subjects were covered and have enough content. I also made a script for the supporting visuals. In the final editing, I included graphics and related images.

Project 2

News Report

Toronto’s housing prices are on the rise. The city has emerged as the world’s second most overvalued property market. What are the reasons behind this event?

The News Report was scripted and produced by me. The project started with a question about the increase in housing prices and how it was connected to immigration. The first step was the research, and the second one the script – as shown below in the image. Once it was concluded, I shot the images needed around Toronto, recorded the interview and filmed myself in a studio using the green screen.

Project 3

Radio humber

I worked with a team to create assets for the program Now Playing from Radio Humber. Below are some of the videos I edited for two of the participating bands. They are 30s videos for Instagram. The supporting visuals were taken from the bands’ files, and the challenge was to integrate them with the song.

Project 4

Life in a day

What about starting the day with a walk in a park? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could finish it with a hot and delicious meal? A regular day can also be extraordinary. 

Life in a Day is a non-scripted documentary where I followed the steps of Yves for one day. There were two challenges when producing this video; the first one was to capture every singular moment without the chance to reshoot it; the second one was to tight every event as a story when editing.

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