Website Design and Copywriting

Project 1

roofing company

A roofing company hired me to develop a modern and responsible website and write its content. The website had to illustrate all the company’s services, customer testimonials and give their clients useful information about roofing and the best industry practices.

I started my creative process by researching roofing content to get familiar with thermology and acquiring enough knowledge to write about it from an expert perspective.

The challenge was to write the content in a way that was easy and interesting to read. The key to solving that challenge was design. Good quality images mixed with small paragraphs and short sentences gave the website a fresher look.  It’s easy to find what you are looking for, and everything is illustrated to make it easier to understand.

The call to action on the website is also apparent. On every page, there is a link with easy instructions on how to get in touch with the company.

Project 2

home contractors

Following up on my experience designing a roofing company website, I was contacted by the same company to develop a second website. As they were expanding their business to home renovations and contracting, they needed a new website that illustrated all their services. A key factor was that the website had kept the same brand image.

The website for their home renovations and contracting business followed a similar design. The website also had a clear call to action on the top, middle and bottom of the page. The copywriting was well integrated with images and a clear design to give readers a better experience.

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